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Maggi was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis seven years ago, three days before she found out she was pregnant with her first child Matthew.  After he was born, her health took a turn for the worse. From medication to medication, nothing seemed to slow the progression of her debilitating disease. Maggi took herself off of all of her meds to try and have another child, and Mitchell was born almost three years ago.

Soon after his birth, again her health began to deteriorate. The doctors have tried many different treatments, all failing to alter the course of her disease. MS is a mysterious disease that affects its sufferers differently. With Maggi it is trying to take the use of her legs, and confinement to wheelchair seems to be her fate.

Rather than accept that as her inevitable destination, she has decided to fight back. Relentlessly researching options, new medications, diets, anything that could help her regain her life, she discovered a study at Northwestern Memorial Hospital that is killing MS with chemotherapy and then rebuilding immune systems with the use of one’s own stem cells.  And it’s working! (the study)

After months of paperwork and evaluations, she has been accepted. Although risky, this may be her last opportunity to rewrite her story. If you are interested in following Maggi’s journey she will be documenting the procedure, and her progress on this blog.

Unfortunately, under our current health plan, a clinical trial is not covered. The cost of the procedure and the expenses involved are exorbitant. We are organizing a few fundraising events to help cover the cost and will be updating news of those events here

Many wonderful friends and family have contacted Maggi, and asked what they can do or where they can donate. So, we have set up a fund that you can donate to, to help her accomplish the goal of winning her battle with this horrible disease, you can do so here….

Thank you for your thoughts…