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Medical Mumbo Jumbo

Health Insurance

Once he has made his decision, we will be notified immediately.

Maggi was a superstar at the hospital. All of the test were performed in the same Hospital at Northwestern Galter Pavilion. Every organ system in her body was tested, and she is in good health. Which I hope is what the insurance company is looking for. They may come back and say “she is too healthy to receive the transplant”.

We will receive results from Northwestern in a few days, and they will send the results to the insurance company as well. The medical director in the transplant division will review the case and determine whether the transplant will “benefit her”. Every person who has had this procedure is now MS free!

Once he has made his decision, we will be notified immediately.



So now we wait…

Matt and I in Chicago

We left for my parents house in SC to drop the boys off on Friday. The weekend went great with swimming and getting to see my Dad and brother Matt play a gig. My Matt and I left early Monday morning for Chicago. The trip was long but beautiful. Driving through the mountains of NC was gorgeous. We had to eat fast food which I hate but it filled our stomachs for the trip.

We got to Carrie’s condo Monday night to a wonderful welcome, meeting her husband Martin for the first time. Tuesday was Doctors appts. all day. They said other than the fact that I have MS I am in peak physical health. So that was very good.

Chicago Skyline

The view from Carrie's Deck

Tuesday night Carrie had a dinner party for us. The food was divine! Not to brag, but Matt cooked the steaks and everyone seemed quite impressed! The company was fabulous. We had such a wonderful time! Wednesday we got up later than we should have and took coffee up to the roof of Carrie’s condo and looked at beautiful Chicago and talked. She lives in absolute beauty!


Indiana Wind Farm

We got on the road later than we should have but the company and atmosphere was soo wonderful. We jumped in the car and headed back to Bama. I was quite impressed with Indiana. There is a whole town there run on windmills. It is beautiful! Matt and I stopped at an outlet mall where we got the boys peace, love and recycle shirts and a big hat for me to wear to the pool. (inspired by my cousin Carrie) America, in spite of itself, is just gorgeous! We stopped at a fair in Kentucky and kissed at the top of the ferris wheel. We have been thru some shit together!!! We arrived home about 11. I was so happy to be home to my beautiful trees! I think they missed me? I missed them? The boys will be home tomorrow and we can not wait!!!!

Leaving Chicago

Chicago Skyline


Matt is going to start writing all of the medical mumbo jumbo. He says he’ll write tonight.