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January 24, 2001

Alright Friday, the21st,  Matt left and that was hard! But Christen and I are troopers. We went to a wonderful dinner at Devon Seafood grill.

It was sorta hip and the food was great. I tried to wear my new wig. It was awkward.  But we had a nice time.

On Saturday I started my neupogen shot.

I was told it would be best if I stayed inside for 3 days! Since cable here is very old fashioned; we watched things like Ferris Buellers Day Off and a movie called Mean Girls and lot’s of Two and half men reruns. All with commercials! Again I really hate needles, but Christen has been a great help with giving them.

We did get out today for my lab work. It was very cold and since we arrived later than we had been before the lines were a lot longer! I am continuing on my neupogen shots until Thursday when I will have the stem cells removed. I just got a text from Matt  that Mitchell insists on setting a place at dinner for me. Tell me that doesn’t rip at your heartstrings! I MISS MY BOYS! All 3 of them!

Mitchell insisted on making me a plate

I’ll write more later.