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April 11, 2012

Today is the day after my younger brother Dany and his wife April celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. Congratulations guys!

On Friday, my friend Christen Hughes and I went to get a new wig. The other one was getting worn and tattered. We had so much fun. I got a short cute wig. Matt loves it! :-) We went to a place called hair options. It was a totally awesome place. It smelled of coffee and chocolate when we walked in which immediately made me think of my Mom. It was comforting even though I don’t really like chocolate? I do love coffee though and I love my Mom. The woman who owned the shop, hair options was awesome. She understood that even though she helped turn it into a fun experience, I would much rather have my own hair. I had avoided my eyelashes and eyebrows falling out by just not really touching them. Well I touched them. You know the rest…

Friday night we went to the movies and saw “Hop” with my mother-in-law and our nephew Hudson. It was really cute, but I woke up Saturday with mouth sores again. Probably from touching foreign stuff and then constantly putting my hands in my mouth eating popcorn.

On Sunday we went to Oak Mtn state park. We had a blast! We brought a picnic and ate by the lake. Then we rented a paddle boat which was great exercise for me. Peddling those boats in an actual direction isn’t easy. Matthew jumped off the boat and swam, taking off his shirt and shorts I found a tick had buried his head in Matthew’s arm. Luckily we found it quick and Matt was able to get it off him. Mitchell sat nervously between Matt and I not interested in the water or the fish which were jumping out of the water! The weather was really warm but being on the lake helped cool me down a lot. Had we tried to do this last year the heat would have wiped me out so bad Matt would have had to carry me to the car. This time everything was great! I was worn out, but I did it!