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Headed back to Chicago

Headed to Chicago for three days. Got jacked full of steroids the last few days, which has made me feel wonderful. I was actually able to take our boys to the mall Wednesday, had to rent a stroller to help with balance, but it looked like a little race car so Mitchell loved it, but I haven’t been to the mall in years and it was nice to go see the boys on the merry go round and just go shopping. The boys are going to stay in South Carolina with Grandma and Grandpa, they are so excited. We are going to stay with them for the weekend.

... it was nice to go see the boys on the merry go round and just go shopping.

Then Matt and I are driving to Chicago for the evaluations. SIX doctors in one day, starting at 8am Labs, 9am Pulmonary function, 10am MUGA (dont even know what that means yet), lunch, 1pm Dentist, 2pm EKG, 3:30pm CT of sinuses and chest x-ray. Not going to be a fun day! I think they are making sure my body is infection free to clear me for the procedure.

We did hear from the Case Manager today (from the insurance company), the conversation went well, but she seemed to be prepping me for the denial. She stated that they typically pay for the procedure if the patient would die within one year without it? Doesn’t sound too promising…which is peculiar because they are the ones requesting we go back to Chicago for more testing. And we have to meet the $5,000 deductible before they will pay a dime for test they are requiring, before they will consider paying for the transplant. Makes little sense…

Will write more from Chicago…