I am writing this for everyone who followed me on my journey.

I feel great. I am not a person who has never had MS, but I am working on ridding myself of feeling that way. I live in Florida. I love it here. My family and I go the beach every weekend! This is more than I ever thought I would get to be able to do! I walk unassisted on the beach. I spend hours sitting outside and swimming and riding bikes!

Mitchell is in pre-K this year and for the first time in ¬†about 9 years I have 3 hours of alone time! I do stuff around the house. I do a lot of reading. For those of you who recommended Hunger Games. Thank you. I’m on the third one and I loved them. I go shopping. I’m still a little apprehensive about going into the smaller, delicate stores. But you know what? Every time I take the chance, I can do it! If you don’t know, I can’t explain it, but damn if you do… Well, anyway my legs still hurt but I think it’s because they are sore from over usage. Lol. The point is, it worked. I am not taking shots everyday. I not sitting at my house getting worse. I am at least trying new things. If you are apprehensive about trying this procedure don’t be. Yeah a lot of the stuff sucked real bad and a lot of it was pretty painful and I lost ALL my hair but I would not be here this way!! And you know what? I really like it here. People tell me I’m so brave to have done this, but for my children how could I not?

I went to Birmingham, AL a couple weeks ago to have an MRI at Alabama Neurology Associates with Dr. Emily Riser, she reviewed the scans and called to tell me there were NO LESIONS! My husband and I plan on going back to Chicago to see Dr. Burt for a check up maybe in January for our ten year wedding anniversary?


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