July 19, 2011

So hi guys. I have been going non-stop since we last chatted. :-)   I’m not gonna lie, not every moment has been totally awesome, but in comparison to how I have spent the last 8 years  of my life. It’s been wonderful! 

The most amazing thing is the ability to handle the heat! I have a nice tan for the first time in 8 years! I did fall pretty hard last week (thought about you Aunt Pam) and just shattered my cell phone. I also cut up my arm and legs pretty bad.  Hurt a couple of my ribs too but some antiseptic cream and a box of bandaids later, I’m fine! Plus I got a new awesome cell phone out of it. The HTC Sensation, which  I love! :-) you take the good, you take the bad!

We went to a waterpark last weekend. Big kahunas. Matthew had a blast! As we were leaving Matthew said it  was the best day ever! I still remember my cousin Denise talking me and Carrie to a waterpark when I was a kid. It totally rocked! Glad I was able to be a part of Matthew’s memory.

I’ll write again soon! (Now that I know how to do  it from my new kick ass phone!)


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  • Caryn:

    aww Maggi!! so good to hear about your progress!! keep us posted ;) take care of my home state for me ;) )

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