June 8 2011

So hi. It’s been awhile. Life has been beyond wonderful! I have a second chance at life and I am not slowing down for a second!! Physical therapy is really helping me regain balance and strength. I am not left like I never had MS, but I don’t feel like I am suffering anymore! No more shots everyday and the ability to walk around like I haven’t in years! I was at physical therapy the other day down at Shelby Baptist Medical Center http://www.bhsala.com. I finished and called Matt to say I was done and he said they just sat down at Arby’s to eat and it would be just a minute. Well… I decided I would walk to where they were. If couldn’t do it they would pick me up where ever I made it. I must be honest though not making it NEVER crossed my mind? When I walked through the door of Arby’s I was like “Holy Shit!” I didn’t even look drunk! There wasn’t anything to hold onto! I just did it! So that was pretty big!

My husband Matt has accepted a position in Pensacola, Florida. So, we are moving! To Florida! In three weeks! He is to start July 1st! We have chosen an area called Gulf Breeze. The schools are beyond wonderful!! So we have been down to Florida to look around and I got my first sunburn in 8 years! I’m not really bragging but I am. 8 years! I don’t really use sunscreen because my body can’t take heat. Well not so much anymore! I walked down to the beach with my boys. Walked all around Florida, I did great! I am a little slower than the average person but I mean come on? I’m working on it! My hair is finally starting to grow back as well as eyelashes. The grossest thing happened to my fingernails. Where they had my system basically dead with the chemo my nails stopped. Then started back once everything was out of my system. I probably wouldn’t really have noticed except they started ripping? I really feel like I have no limits on what I can do. I will write again soon I promise.


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  • kate:

    Maggi, that is wonderful! I hope things just continue to get better and better.

  • rick:

    Fantastic Maggi. Thanks for the update. You make us all inspired as we plug thru our day. We move to our new place on July 7th, and Ron & Sue just sold their house too. Lotsa movin & shakin goin on


    Rick & Jenny and the Charlotte & Molly show

  • Amy Frey:

    Maggi this is so amazing! You have been down such a long hard road and hear you speak so highly of your new life and no limits brings a huge smile to my face. You are truly and inspiration that if we try hard enough and never give up on life we will be ok. It’s so wonderful to read how proud and happy your are with your progress. Wish you the best of luck on your move. :) <3

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