April 18, 2011

Hi! Last week was my first week getting labs done every other week for a month. Also I had my initial meeting with the physical therapist. Those both went good.
Friday Matt decided to check Matthew out of school early only to find out they were closing schools early due to weather. Not snow, rain. We took the boys to the dollar theater to see Gnomeo and Juliet. We missed the whole storm? Half way through the movie I got a text message from my friend Sarah saying it was hailing! We missed the whole thing. On the drive home we saw a few trees down and flooded spots but again, We missed the whole storm.
Saturday we spent the day with my brother in law and sister in law Ronnie and Amanda and their son Levin. They had free passes to go see Rio. All the computers were down on account of Fridays storm. So here was Matt and I our two boys and Ronnie and Amanda and Levin standing there going well… The three boys were heart broken. The movie guy let us go in for free! He didn’t even take their gift card! So that was cool! Saturday night I woke up projectile puking! We have no idea why? I haven’t thrown up like that in a while so that was fun!
I think I’m going through menopause? They say that it’s normal after the chemotherapy but it sucks!! Hot flashes, cold flashes, heart racing to the point that I think I’m having a heart attack! Lots of unnecessary crying. I am going to see my gyno after the physical therapist this week. Hopefully she can help make sense of this nonsense!


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  • Gloria:

    Maggi, prayer does work!!! We just have to have the faith to believe. God said that he would give us our hearts desires. I do pray that you have a speedy and full recovery from MS. By His stripes we are healed!!!! It may not happen as fast as we would like it to but God has the perfect plan.

  • rick:

    love ya champ

  • Cally:

    The chemo killed my ovaries. :( My gyn simply offered artificial hormones, which would likely start me spotting and having other “menstrual type” symptoms. No thanks, especially since my disease itself would get worse during hormonal fluctuations prior to the chemo.

    Nearly six months out and the flashes are better, but not gone. I take soy isoflavones, flax oil and have ordered a “chillow” to help keep my pillow cool at night.

    I suspect you are much younger than I am, so you may be simply having “chemopause” and things will crank back up eventually. As for me, I think it’s all she wrote. I’m 48, so that’s OK.

    Have a great week.


  • Amanda:

    One day at a time Mag! Everything will work out for you! Love ya

  • Caryn:

    Aww – sweet Maggi! Checking in to see how you are doing! That storm was awful! Glad you guys missed the entire thing! I second Amanda’s comment! Everything’s going to work out for you ;) ) just time is all… ur such an inspiration! <3

  • Cindy VanMetre-Yetter:

    Maggi-I am in such awe of your strenght and courage to fight this battle with everything you have!! You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  • Amy Frey:

    Maggie I just love your blog and am always looking back for guidance. I do have a questions for you but I’ve misplaced your email. I was curious if after you were diagnosed did you ever see a theripts to talk. I feel so lost and alone right now, which I’m sure is normal so I’m thinking I should. Could u email me again so I can write your address down.

  • ken boucher:

    Hi Maggi,
    just touching base to let you know that I’m thinking about you, and keeping you and the boys in my prayers always.

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