I am writing this for everyone who followed me on my journey.

I feel great. I am not a person who has never had MS, but I am working on ridding myself of feeling that way. I live in Florida. I love it here. My family and I go the beach every weekend! This is more than I ever thought I would get to be able to do! I walk unassisted on the beach. I spend hours sitting outside and swimming and riding bikes!

Mitchell is in pre-K this year and for the first time in  about 9 years I have 3 hours of alone time! I do stuff around the house. I do a lot of reading. For those of you who recommended Hunger Games. Thank you. I’m on the third one and I loved them. I go shopping. I’m still a little apprehensive about going into the smaller, delicate stores. But you know what? Every time I take the chance, I can do it! If you don’t know, I can’t explain it, but damn if you do… Well, anyway my legs still hurt but I think it’s because they are sore from over usage. Lol. The point is, it worked. I am not taking shots everyday. I not sitting at my house getting worse. I am at least trying new things. If you are apprehensive about trying this procedure don’t be. Yeah a lot of the stuff sucked real bad and a lot of it was pretty painful and I lost ALL my hair but I would not be here this way!! And you know what? I really like it here. People tell me I’m so brave to have done this, but for my children how could I not?

I went to Birmingham, AL a couple weeks ago to have an MRI at Alabama Neurology Associates with Dr. Emily Riser, she reviewed the scans and called to tell me there were NO LESIONS! My husband and I plan on going back to Chicago to see Dr. Burt for a check up maybe in January for our ten year wedding anniversary?


January 25, 2012

I have been having strange pains in my legs? I’m not sure if its because I have been going non stop or if its because I have MS again? They twitch like they use to. Sometimes they hurt like they use to. Heavy like.    What’s different now is I can at least try…   I am making sure Ibuprofen never goes out of business. Lol! I have been taking this joint juice that my brother Dany suggested. It really is working miracles for me.

Physical therapy is going good. My physical therapist Hunter is great. He’s really been helping me.  I hate him a lot of the time, but then when I can walk through a store with my family without a cart, I so love him. My goal is to be able to go to Spain this Summer with Matt with his work, maybe? Hopefully! I have to go back to Chicago again in March to have tests and a MRI again to make sure everything is still running smoothly.  I must tell you that to see me is not like seeing someone who was never affected by MS but I am so much better than I was! No one turned any clocks back but someone (Dr Burt) did stop them. Now it’s up to me to make up lost time.

My brain is getting back together as well. I swear MS was making my thinking process slow and groggy. I’m looking to find a really great book to read… Any suggestions?


October 28, 2011


Our Chicago trip!

So much has happened…

I have been doing things Matt and I truly thought we would never do again!
I had to go back to Chicago for my six month check up. We decided to go a few days early just for the fun of it.
Matt and I headed to Chicago with our friends Sarah and Marshall Lewis. We landed September 10, Saturday morning and go straight to our hotel the NEWLY RENOVATED Embassy Suites Downtown Chicago then head back out to take them on the L-train all across Chicago. That night we went to see Colin Quinn at the Broadway Playhouse At Water Tower Place. He was hilarious.   The next day we got up early and headed to the Field Museum where we spent 5 hours just pouring thru every exhibit we could.  Everything there was beyond fascinating. They have the most complete tyrannosaurus skeleton ever found!   Sue. A T. rex Named Sue Photo Gallery We left there and went up to the top of Willis (sears) tower.

Standing at 1,450 feet and 110 stories high, Willis Tower is the tallest building in the western hemispher.   We went to a wonderful, off the beaten path, Italian place for dinner that night. The next day we headed out for an awesome “Food Tour” discovering so many wonderful flavors and tastes. And then went on an architectural river tour.

Architecture Foundation |

Again beautiful! We did a lot of stuff this time I just never imagined I would be able to do again. We found out a lot about Chicago that you would really only learn on City Tours.  It was great.  Sarah and Marshall flew out that night. The next two days were filled with tests and MRI’s!! We left Chicago on wings! NO new lesions – thats huge. So the hell I went through so far seems to have been worth it?


No new lesions, No active lesions

Sorry I haven’t written. I’ve been actually living my life. Went to Chicago for my six month check up. I had NO NEW LESIONS AND NO ACTIVE LESIONS!! This was such fabulous news!


July 21, 2011

Told you guys I would write more now that I know how to do it from my kick ass phone ;-)  
I know you want me to slow down Mom, but I could have MS again tomorrow or Everything could be over? I’m living it up while I can!

I remember reading this story about this family that packed up and lived on a sail boat for years. They had a blast! I’m feeling a little like that family as we have lived in hotels for the last 3 weeks. My brother Matt says we’re living like The Who! We are having a blast though! We stopped at Mexico Beach. It was a place we never would have stopped. They had no phone service anywhere close. We had a blast there though. It was our own private beach.
The boys are adjusting well to living in Florida! We went back to our house in Birmingham and both were anxious to get back “home” to Florida!
I’ll write again later


July 19, 2011

So hi guys. I have been going non-stop since we last chatted. :-)   I’m not gonna lie, not every moment has been totally awesome, but in comparison to how I have spent the last 8 years  of my life. It’s been wonderful! 

The most amazing thing is the ability to handle the heat! I have a nice tan for the first time in 8 years! I did fall pretty hard last week (thought about you Aunt Pam) and just shattered my cell phone. I also cut up my arm and legs pretty bad.  Hurt a couple of my ribs too but some antiseptic cream and a box of bandaids later, I’m fine! Plus I got a new awesome cell phone out of it. The HTC Sensation, which  I love! :-) you take the good, you take the bad!

We went to a waterpark last weekend. Big kahunas. Matthew had a blast! As we were leaving Matthew said it  was the best day ever! I still remember my cousin Denise talking me and Carrie to a waterpark when I was a kid. It totally rocked! Glad I was able to be a part of Matthew’s memory.

I’ll write again soon! (Now that I know how to do  it from my new kick ass phone!)


June 9,2011

Some days are harder than others…


June 8 2011

So hi. It’s been awhile. Life has been beyond wonderful! I have a second chance at life and I am not slowing down for a second!! Physical therapy is really helping me regain balance and strength. I am not left like I never had MS, but I don’t feel like I am suffering anymore! No more shots everyday and the ability to walk around like I haven’t in years! I was at physical therapy the other day down at Shelby Baptist Medical Center I finished and called Matt to say I was done and he said they just sat down at Arby’s to eat and it would be just a minute. Well… I decided I would walk to where they were. If couldn’t do it they would pick me up where ever I made it. I must be honest though not making it NEVER crossed my mind? When I walked through the door of Arby’s I was like “Holy Shit!” I didn’t even look drunk! There wasn’t anything to hold onto! I just did it! So that was pretty big!

My husband Matt has accepted a position in Pensacola, Florida. So, we are moving! To Florida! In three weeks! He is to start July 1st! We have chosen an area called Gulf Breeze. The schools are beyond wonderful!! So we have been down to Florida to look around and I got my first sunburn in 8 years! I’m not really bragging but I am. 8 years! I don’t really use sunscreen because my body can’t take heat. Well not so much anymore! I walked down to the beach with my boys. Walked all around Florida, I did great! I am a little slower than the average person but I mean come on? I’m working on it! My hair is finally starting to grow back as well as eyelashes. The grossest thing happened to my fingernails. Where they had my system basically dead with the chemo my nails stopped. Then started back once everything was out of my system. I probably wouldn’t really have noticed except they started ripping? I really feel like I have no limits on what I can do. I will write again soon I promise.


April 18, 2011

Hi! Last week was my first week getting labs done every other week for a month. Also I had my initial meeting with the physical therapist. Those both went good.
Friday Matt decided to check Matthew out of school early only to find out they were closing schools early due to weather. Not snow, rain. We took the boys to the dollar theater to see Gnomeo and Juliet. We missed the whole storm? Half way through the movie I got a text message from my friend Sarah saying it was hailing! We missed the whole thing. On the drive home we saw a few trees down and flooded spots but again, We missed the whole storm.
Saturday we spent the day with my brother in law and sister in law Ronnie and Amanda and their son Levin. They had free passes to go see Rio. All the computers were down on account of Fridays storm. So here was Matt and I our two boys and Ronnie and Amanda and Levin standing there going well… The three boys were heart broken. The movie guy let us go in for free! He didn’t even take their gift card! So that was cool! Saturday night I woke up projectile puking! We have no idea why? I haven’t thrown up like that in a while so that was fun!
I think I’m going through menopause? They say that it’s normal after the chemotherapy but it sucks!! Hot flashes, cold flashes, heart racing to the point that I think I’m having a heart attack! Lots of unnecessary crying. I am going to see my gyno after the physical therapist this week. Hopefully she can help make sense of this nonsense!